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Megasquirt Support Forum MSEXTRA • Injector.

15/01/2018 ·read only forum Jan.15,2018 Read only MegaSquirt Success Stories by Bowling and Grippo. Link to the MegaManual Links to other MegaSquirt Forums: MSefi, MicroSquirt, MSgpio, MS Success Stories, MS User Groups, MSextra. 914 fuel pump update kit, a great solution to the expensive three port version I used to say years ago that the three port fuel pump fitted to the 70-74 Porsche 914s never failed. well i have lived long enough to eat my words, they are all failing! 29/09/2007 · Hast Du denn ne Megasquirt für den Motor ? Wenn nicht, wird es nicht einfach, für die originale D-Jetronik gibt es nur noch wenige Spezialisten, und die benötigten Ersatzteile sind auch nur noch gebraucht und teuer zu bekommen. Ich hatte die D_Jetronik vom 914er meiner Frau runter geschmissen und 44er Weber Vergaser verbaut. 09/08/2012 · Hallo alle zusammen, folgendes Problem,habe meinen 2,8 Liter Porsche 914 Motor mit MS 2 von der originalen Zündung auf Edis umgebaut,der Motor startet und läuft jetzt Dank den Hinweisen im Forum gut nur der Drehzahlmesser macht mir Sorgen,habe die Schaltung wie im Manual beschrieben mit den 3 Dioden hergestellt aber ohne positives Resultat.

02/06/2017 · Few car enthusiasts could forget the Porsche 914. This is a car with one of the most unique tales in all of automobiledom. Once intended to replace not one model but two models—from two separate automakers—the 914 also featured polarizing styling that was unlike anything either of its parents were then producing. The Dub Shop is dedicated to tailoring the best fuel injection and ignition packages for air cooled Volkswagen's built for the street, offroad or racing. Whether you have a Type 1 Beetle, Type 4 Bus, Type 3 Squareback, 914 or a Thing, I continue to develop parts that will help you on your journey with EFI. Bosch’s D-Jetronic was the first commercially successful automotive electronic fuel injection, original equipment on many European cars like the Porsche 914 pictured above. Today, many owners are looking to upgrade to more tunable EFI systems, like MegaSquirt, or just trying to replace broken and unobtainable parts. 15/10/2019 · Desirable 2.0-Liter, pre-impact bumper 914 Sorted example with enthusiasts ownership Auxiliary oil cooler Megasquirt electronic fuel injection Period-correct Koenig seats Available for immediate inspection at our office in Charlotte, NC -- By the late 1960s, both Volkswagen and Porsche. Fuel Injection for Porsche 914, 914-6 1970-1976: Auxiliary Air Valves, Cold Start Injectors and Valves, Electronic Control Units, Fuel Injection Sensors, Fuel Injectors.

Support officiel calculateurs Megasquirt, Lambda Tech Edge WBO2, Tuner Pro, SportDevices et Fenixecu. D-Jetronic Fuel Injection for the Porsche 914 Care and Feeding for the Owner-Mechanic by Kjell Nelin SECTION 1: Introduction Theory Fuel Pump Pressure Regulator Injectors Trigger Points Temperature Sensor I Temperature Sensor II Throttle Switch Pressure Sensor Electronic Control Unit Deceleration Mixture Control Valve Auxiliary Air Regulator. Clewett Engineering: Porsche - 356, 912, 914, 944, 968 - Ignition Engine Management Crank triggers Throttles, Carburetors & Turbo Sensors & Valves Injectors Spark Plug Wires Connectors Specialty Items Spares Miscellaneous Supplies Fiberglass for Porsche Cam Sync Adapters Serpentine Belt Conversion Apparel Porsche 996, 997,GT2, GT3, Cup Support. Pelican Parts is the largest and most comprehensive source for Porsche, BMW & Mercedes auto parts, tools, accessories, upgrades and information. We're your trusted source for all OE and performance aftermarket European auto parts including MINI, Audi, Volkswagen, Saab and Volvo. Como la mayoría de sitios web, utilizamos cookies para mejorar su experiencia y para que usted pueda comprar nuestra gama. Puede encontrar más información sobre las cookies que utilizamos y aprender a ajustar la configuración, en nuestra página sobre.

Partial CIS to EFI Kit BitzRacing.

All Porsche 914 Throttle Position Switches TPS have only 4 electrical wires, but later cars had 5 pole wire terminal connector housings with one blank pole. A 4 pole TPS wire terminal connector housing can be installed into a 5 pole TPS, the wires are in the same order, just locate it correctly. Megasquirt 2 MS2 The Megasquirt 2 is my goto ECU. They are configurable to almost any application and leave have room to grow. Unlike the cased Microsquirt this version is built to expand on. This form factor is the longest running with an extruded Aluminum case and D-Sub connector.

En el caso de la mini-MS, se trata de un diseño supuestamente Ilegal desrrollado el los foros alemanes del Porsche 914, Megasquirt brasil y foro Injeccion, El blog megachorro se limita unicamente a la reunion de. Clewett Engineering: Engine Management - Ignition Engine Management Crank triggers Throttles, Carburetors & Turbo Sensors & Valves Injectors Spark Plug Wires Connectors Specialty Items Spares Miscellaneous Supplies Fiberglass for Porsche Cam Sync Adapters Serpentine Belt Conversion Apparel Porsche 996, 997,GT2, GT3, Cup Support Clewett, Clewit.

06/09/2014 · I think you would find quite a few 914 owners who would like this so they could retain the factory appearance while still having more performance. Nice work!! _____ Regards, Nate M. Squarsche build Heavy Metal Affliction feature For heaven's sake, put a type4 and a Porsche 5-speed in there.. It's the right thing to do. Has anyone experience of fitting throttle bodies using Megasquirt ECU?Planning 46mm PMO’s & found Megasquirt ECU with all the wiring from 3.0 SC race engine?Engine had blueprint rebuild with 205hp pistons & SSI with 2 in 2 out box 5k w fitting 964 cams. Its time to sell my Dirty Penny. Penny was built on a 1975 Porsche 914 chassis. The chassis was found under a local oak tree as a roller. The car was originally built with a complete Subaru drivetrain for the GRM $2011 Challenge. The car spun a few bearings and has since received a new engine. 17/08/2017 · ↳ The Porsche 914 Forum. ↳ Picture Gallery; Specialty Forums ↳ The Type 4rum ↳ The Off-Road Forum. ↳ VW Speed and Drag Racing. ↳ The VW Engine Rebuild Forum. ↳ The Transaxle Forum ↳ Engine Management ↳ Ignition ↳ Carbs ↳ Fuel Injection ↳ MegaSquirt ↳ The Forced Induction Forum. ↳ Bodywork and Paint. Megasquirt EFI: installation et réglages. bientôt 40 ans lors de l'installation sur les véhicules comme la Porsche 914 ou la Citroen DS injection. On retrouve un circuit d'essence en boucle, c'est-à-dire que « l'aller » est en pression, alors que le retour recycle simplement.

Motor 914/2,0 Einspritzer einstellen?

regulations. It was also used in the Porsche 914 with the 1.8L engine and ultimately used in the Porsche 912E during the 1976 model year. The L-Jetronic was a further development of the D-Jetronic found in the Porsche 914 1.7L and 2.0L engines. The original L-Jetronic found in the 914 1.8L engine was further. Moving forward, the R&D forums for MegaSquirt project are in a read-only mode - no new forum posts are accepted. However the forums will remain available for view, they still contain a wealth of information on how MegaSquirt works,. Garry Klinger, 1973 Porsche 914. 20/04/2010 · both of those cars are running VEMS, but a buddy donated me his megasquirt when he upgraded so here i am! I initially started out purchasing some intake manifold from CB, thinking i would convert my dellortos to be a throttle body. I then decided that was a waste, and sold them for the same cost of new TB's.

17/11/2010 · You can make your own decel fuel cut using the fuel map. This is what I did for my Dad's Porsche 914. Basically, Datalog: figure out what vacuum you pull on decel. take a reading at a low RPM perhaps 1500-2000rpm because you'll get more vacuum.Originally sold by Algar Porsche-Audi in Rosemont, PA, the original owner was clearly a fan of the color orange, as included paperwork shows Mr. Giampetro trading his Orange '73 VW Beetle in for the "new" Signal Orange 914 2.0. This 914 has seen considerable maintenance carried out and many of the typical 914 issues cured during its lifetime.08/02/2005 · Official support forum for Megasquirt, Microsquirt, MS1/Extra, MS2/Extra and Megasquirt-3. Megasquirt Support Forum MSEXTRA Support and discussion forum for Megasquirt 1, 2, 3. I am in the process of building a MS system for my Porsche 914. I have a bored and stroked 2270cc T4 motor.An affordable solution to convert the Porsche 911 from CIS to EFI. The BitzRacing CIS to EFI kit includes everything that is required to fully convert to Electronic Fuel Injection EFI from the existing Bosch CIS system, except for the EFI injectors and Fuel Pressure Regulator FPR.

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